Frequently Asked Questions!

1.  How do I sign my child up for an activity or program?
**Your child must have completed at least half a year of Kindergarten in order to participate in after school programs**

Follow these steps to sign up:

a. Set up an Amilia account and purchase a  membership (valid from July to June).

b. Use the "Calendar" tab to see what we are doing and choose dates/activities to join.

c. If you already have an Amilia account and a membership you can click here to sign up for programs.

2.  What does my child need to bring for program days?

Program activities vary however what your child(ren) needs to bring is standard:

Every Program:
     close-toed shoes
     water bottle
     plenty of healthy snacks
     appropriate seasonal clothing: hats, jackets, rain coats, gloves, boots, snowsuits...etc.
Biking/horseback riding/skiing/skating/climbing:
      helmet + all of the above

      bathing suit, towel + all of the above

3.  What are the prices for programs?
  • Annual Club Membership (July 1 - June 30): $10
  • Monday - Thursday After School Program: $5 first child, $2.50/ sibling
  • Friday After School Program: $20 first child, $10/ sibling
  • PD Full Day: $30 first child, $15/ sibling
  • Summer: $35 first child, $25/ sibling
  • Special Programs: There are special programs with costs that differ from those listed above. The costs will be listed on the calendar and during registration. For example; horseback riding days in the summer are $50. There will be no sibling discount or subsidy available for these programs.
4.  I want to sign up for tomorrow, but I don't see the date on the Registration list. What does that mean, and what should I do?

In order to prepare for each day we close registration 24 hours in advance of the following day's program. 

If you have a last minute cancellation please contact the club by phone @ 403-562-8664. Please see our Club Member Handbook for our cancellation policy.

Our contact info:
BGCCNP office hours vary throughout the week. If you need to contact us please leave a voice mail or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Steph:  admin@bgccnp.com  
Kristen: programleader@bgccnp.com
Teighan: programassistant@bgccnp.com